Maid Services, House Cleaning in Buckhead, Brookhaven, North Atlanta

Meet Our Sparklers

Thank you for your interest in Sponge and Sparkle to clean your home or office! :-)

We pride ourselves on selecting highly vetted, top talent in the cleaning industry. Select team members of our Sparklers have been with Sponge and Sparkle for over 36 years! We honor their commitment to excellence, attention to detail while keeping our clients' homes ultra-clean and their absolute professionalism.


"Owning a business can be challenging for sure. My gratitude for the organization we have built here and the blessing of working with so many wonderful & amazing people (Sparklers & clients) through all these years has been profound."


"As Operations Manager, it is an honor & pleasure to work with Raina at Sponge & Sparkle for over 34 years! Our cleaning team of professionals do outstanding work! We look forward to cleaning your home or business very soon!"


"I like cleaning because cleaning is next to Godliness. I know how it feels to come home to a clean house that smells good!"


"As the Office Assistant & former Sparkler of 25 years, I have found Sponge & Sparkle to be very loving & supportive."


"I'm adding to the quality of someone's life, making a difference their personal space & putting a smile on their face!"


"Raina & Cindy are great! I get to use my energy to get folks' places into tip-top shape! And, I stay in shape too!"


"Great staff. Everyone is always in a great mood. It's a nice way to get the day started. I take pride in my work."


"For me, cleaning is a lifestyle and it brings me peace. Working here at Sponge & Sparkle feels more like family than a job."


"It's a great place to work. Everyone is nice. Cleaning is a lot of fun. I really like it here! Raina is so much fun!"


"I love to make a difference & really like my co-workers! The team at Sponge and Sparkle are like family. I love working here!"


"I know I'm making a difference in each home. Seeing a smile on our clients' faces is what motivates me to do a great job!"


"I love cleaning and enjoy the flexible schedule! Thank you for working with me on my hours and my schedule."


"I enjoy learning new ideas here in the training process. Really love working with Raina and her management team!"


"I love working here because of the flexibility. WE as a company genuinely care about making a difference in clients homes."


"Wonderful staff, good atmosphere & very flexible hours! Glad to be working here! I hope to stay for a good while!"


"I just love to clean! That's just what I like to do. I love my bosses, Raina & Cindy. Y'all are the best! Thank you!"


"I love working at Sponge and Sparkle because the team work is beautiful and everyone enjoys helping one another!"


"I feel like the company actually cares about & treats their employees good. This is a fair & good place to work for."


"Working at Sponge and Sparkle feels like family. Raina and Cindy are very welcoming and sweet."


"What an amazing team of professionals! I'm excited to be working here. My work will help make our clients happy!"


"I like being able to help customers and make their day brighter. Looking forward to cleaning your home!"


"I get a chance to Sponge & Sparkle the clients home and see the satisfaction on their faces!"