Top Tips For Maintaining A Clean & Pet-Friendly Home

Here at Sponge & Sparkle, we love our pets - and yours too! We make sure to use cleaning products that will not harm your furry friends, but still get the job done. 

Having pets doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your home’s cleanliness! There are many ways to keep a pet-friendly home both clean and comfortable for pets and people alike. Pet owners should never have to choose between their furry friends and keeping the house spic and span! Follow these tips for keeping your home as clean as possible, even with all the fur babies running around!

Train your pet
Many people have dogs or cats that aren’t housebroken. This is a frustrating problem because it can seem like there’s no way to prevent accidents in your home. However, it may be possible to teach your pet to go outside more often with just a little bit of training. Here are some quick and easy tips for getting started: When you first bring your dog or cat home, show them where their litter box is located; it’s common for animals to think of any area covered in litter as a bathroom. It can also help if you restrict their access to other areas until they understand that using the litter box is how they should relieve themselves. Also, work on setting a schedule in regards to eating, using the bathroom, exercising, playing, sleeping, and so on. Schedules can help your pet adjust, the same way they help people.

Use a lint roller and other special pet products
If you have pets, you know that they shed. But shedding is only one of many ways pets can impact your home. They can also leave hair on surfaces and attract fleas, for example. There are pet friendly products on Amazon or your local veterinarian’s office to help with each of these issues, from vacuums that work well with dog fur to fabric spray that repels fleas. Regular grooming and check ups of your pet is great for their coat and health, but it’s also a big help to keep your home looking and feeling clean. 

That said, sometimes fur can still get all over your furniture and carpeting. One way to combat pet fur and dander on fabric is with a lint roller; these little wonders can pick up pet hair on any soft surface such as rugs, couches, cushions, and so on. Better yet, use one regularly! Not only will you look forward to seeing how much fur you’ve collected each time, but it will also help reduce shedding from happening in between rollings. 

Pick up after your pet
Let’s be honest - this is probably easier said than done, especially when you have a dog like mine. But if you want to maintain a clean and pet-friendly home, it's critical that you pick up after your furry friends. This can be especially challenging during those transition periods (like when your new puppy is going through potty training) or if your pup has accidents on floors with high odors (for example, hardwood flooring). But I've found that there are some helpful solutions. First of all, invest in a good sweeper to get rid of dust and debris on hard surfaces (my favorite here) and also spray down carpets with an enzyme cleaner to eliminate any lingering odors. Another trick I've learned over time: newspaper!

You can also get a basket for all of your pets toys. At the end of the day, you can easily put all the tennis balls, chew toys, yarn balls, and so on in one place. Additionally, you can even try to train your pet to do the same, so that they can even clean up after themselves.

Invest in an air purifier or diffuser
Air purifiers make a lot of sense for people with pets. In fact, many pet owners opt to install or place an air purifier in their home just to clean up pet odors. Over time, air purifiers can help remove allergens from your home that could be responsible for worsening allergies. In addition, some have been shown to improve lung function and asthma symptoms in adults as well as children. If you already own an air purifier, clean it on a regular basis with vinegar and water. Regardless, it is evident that air purifiers are worth it! 

You can also invest in a diffuser, with essential oils to keep things fresh. But keep in mind that some oils and scents or higher doses of those can be allergens for your pets. Do your research before purchasing and diffusing in a home with pets!

Do regular deep cleans
Be realistic about your time and energy, and schedule regular deep cleans of your home throughout the year. This can be as simple as giving things once over to make sure they’re dusted, organized, and picked up after each day. Tackle one room at a time; before long you’ll have a clean house! We also recommend calling your local cleaning company, like Sponge & Sparkle. Scheduling deep cleanings weekly, biweekly, monthly, or even just once in a while can make a great difference for your living space.

Cleaning with pets
In theory, your pets are also part of your family. That said, they can sometimes be incredibly difficult to deal with when it comes to cleaning. This is especially true if you don’t want pet hair and fur flying around while you work; however, keeping up with your furry friend’s needs is important. When you know how to train them properly and take measures to minimize their impact on your home cleaning routine, it will become much easier for you to have a clean house that also allows your cute pets to thrive.

Sponge & Sparkle values consistent, quality service and trustworthy business practices. You can have peace of mind that your home (and pets) will be well taken care of with us. Contact us today at (404) 633-9652 to sparkle up your personal living space located in the Greater Atlanta area. Our cleaners will leave it dazzling - and pet approved!


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