Why Sponge & Sparkle Has Served the Atlanta Area for 40+ Years

Sponge & Sparkle, Atlanta’s award-winning maid service, has been cleaning homes in the area since 1981, and we’ve been lucky enough to have hundreds of people share their experiences with us in the process. Sponge & Sparkle, founded by Raina Raflo, is comprised of a team of skilled and trusted cleaning technicians who truly care about your home. Here are just a few of our customer testimonials that you might find useful if you’re thinking about hiring us as your next Atlanta area cleaning service!

About Our Company

Sponge & Sparkle cares about your health and the environment- that's why we use only clean with green, environmentally safe cleaning products. All of the cleaning products that Sponge & Sparkle cleaners use are free of any synthetic fragrances, toxins, petroleum, and ammonia, all of which can exacerbate asthma and contribute to poor indoor air quality. These products are safer for your and your family's health as well as the environment's health.  

Our staff is specially trained in cleaning techniques and will provide you with a customized plan to keep your home or business looking great! Our customers are our most valuable asset; without them, we wouldn't be here today. We want you to be happy with our service! Sponge & Sparkle values consistent, quality service and trustworthy business practices. You can have peace of mind that your home will be well taken care of with Sponge & Sparkle.

Robin's Testimonial

We have recently interviewed some of our long-time, loyal clients to share with us why they choose Sponge & Sparkle for their residential cleaning services.

First, Robin shares her experience and testimonial to why she chooses Sponge & Sparkle, "My experience with Sponge & Sparkle has been so great. I mean, just for the past several years, working with them has been amazing." 

Robin continues to share, “The feeling of coming home to a clean home is just… indescribable. It’s so lovely to just walk in and have this great smell and organization around me and just the floors are so clean! Everything really does feel sparkling. It’s really nice to experience."

Claire's Testimonial

Next, our wonderful client Claire shares why she uses Sponge & Sparkle for her home's cleaning service, and shares that she loves that she has built a relationship with her cleaners.

“Well, first of all, they’re extremely dependable. Second of all, I feel a sense of relationship with the people who come to my home. It’s typically either Erica, who’s here today or Oscar. Occasionally, someone else has to come. It’s usually if I keep my same time, the same people. So, over time we develop a relationship and that feels good to me."

We asked Claire why she loved Sponge & Sparkle, “Because you can count on them, because they are consistent, and because I like them!"

Claire even shares a wonderful story about recommending Sponge & Sparkle's residential cleaning service to a neighbor: "In fact, I’ve done that recently, two doors down there’s a young family that just moved in on our street and she asked me, she said she noticed that I had someone who helped me with my cleaning and that she was a young professional with a baby and she was busy and she needed a recommendation! I recommended Sponge & Sparkle! I don’t know who they sent as the cleaner that day, but I know that later she knocked on my door and thanked me, and said they’d done a very good job."

Betsy's Testimonial

Betsy was also kind enough to share her experience with Sponge & Sparkle. She shared,  “Well, Sponge & Sparkle, I can’t find anyone better. It’s like family to me. It’s getting my house cleaned… getting it cleaned by people who I know care, who are dedicated, who are trained, and reliable.”

Betsy continues by sharing that she loves the dependability of Sponge & Sparkle and the trust she has with the cleaners, “So what I love, and what I would tell other folks, friends – and I do this already– is that I know you’re there, going to be there, through the years. Over 40 years, you’ve been in business. So I guess what it is knowing that I’m always going to get reliable, trained, caring people."

And she also shares that she cares about Sponge & Sparkle's green, environmentally-friendly mission:  You care about the earth, your cleaning products are green, and that’s really important to us as well."

Diane's Testimonial

Last but not least, Diane shares with the Sponge & Sparkle team what her experience has been like with Sponge & Sparkle, “It’s been good. Very reliable, easy to schedule. We’ve been pleased with the work, the cleaning. It’s lovely to come home to!”

Her message to anyone looking to hire Sponge & Sparkle for their home's cleaning service is this: “I would just tell them that we’ve been very happy, every time we come the house is really great. We’ve been pleased with the quality of the cleaning. In the very rare instance that something hasn’t been right, we called and they made it right, taken care of it, or promised to take care of it the next time. Although that’s been a very rare occurrence. We are just very pleased with the consistency and how clean the house is.”

Take Back Your Free Time

Hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your home or apartment doesn't just take one task off of your to-do list, but it also allows you to destress and take back your free time to do more of what you love. Whether that be spending more time with friends or family, picking up a new hobby, or investing more time into your small business, Sponge & Sparkle is here to help! 

With over 40 years of experience, you can trust that Sponge & Sparkle will deliver dazzle and make your home sparkle!  Our team of professional cleaners will come to your home or apartment on a schedule that works for you and leave it looking spotless! 

Call Sponge & Sparkle today at (404) 633-9652 or visit www.spongeandsparkle.com to learn more about our services! Sponge & Sparkle offers residential cleaning services, move-out or move-in cleaning services, detailed super sparkling cleaning services, and office cleaning services. Sponge & Sparkle serves the Brookhaven, Georgia area, including Chamblee, Buckhead, Midtown, North Druid Hills, Decatur, Tucker, and Virginia Highland.

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