Which Kind of Cleaning Service Should You Hire?

If you own a home or business, then you know that there’s almost always some cleaning to be done, whether it’s dusting the living room, wiping down the counters, or deep-cleaning the bathrooms. If you don’t like doing housework and would rather spend your time on something else, hiring a professional cleaning service might be the answer to all your problems. But how do you know which kind of service to hire? Which kind of options do you have? Continue reading to find out which cleaning service is best for you.

What Type of Services Should You Choose?

Professional cleaners are a must-have for anyone who has a busy schedule or just doesn’t want to deal with cleaning their home. But which kind of cleaning service should you hire? It depends on your budget, time constraints, and priorities. When it comes to professional cleaning services, there are two options: in-home cleaning (or maid services) and commercial cleaning services. The former is better for regular cleanings of your home, while commercial cleaning services are designed to keep your office or business location clean throughout each week. 

There’s no one best type—it depends on your needs. For example, if you have pets or a large space with a lot of traffic, you may need professional cleaners that can get into tight spots. On the other hand, if you don’t live in a busy area and don’t mind doing spot cleaning, an in-home housecleaner could work well for you. Communicating your cleaning needs to any potential cleaning professionals is a must, as an open and honest relationship keeps everyone satisfied.

Additionally, if you run a business and need an extra set of hands to help keep your workspace happy and healthy, then a commercial cleaning service might be just what you need. Keeping your workspace happy and healthy is just as important as keeping your home clean. In addition, your employees will appreciate the gesture, as productivity increases due to fewer sick days. Commercial cleaners have some similarities to residential cleaners; however, not all cleaning companies offer both services. It is crucial that you spend time researching the various services that some cleaning companies provide so that you're fully aware of all the possible options.

What About Pricing?

Naturally, pricing is a major deciding factor when searching for maid services. The cost for a professional cleaning service will vary depending on what area you live in and how big your home is. Professional cleaners may or may not charge by square footage (they often do), so if you have a large home, it might be worth asking about hourly rates when pursuing cleaning services. Some companies also charge extra for additional services like washing floors or windows—so be sure to ask what is included before agreeing to any specific package or rate. 

Furthermore, some companies might offer bundle deals or a discount with bulk orders. This is also something to take into consideration because it might be more efficient to schedule multiple cleanings in advance. Also, developing a schedule ahead of time is beneficial for both parties since it helps with future scheduling.

Who Can Help You Find the Right Cleaners?

For every type of cleaning service, there’s a network or marketplace to help you find professional cleaners. There's no one right solution to finding a cleaning service that works for you; however, there are certainly some discovery methods that are more popular than others. 

For instance, referrals are a very common way of finding both professional services and cleaning clients alike, as word-of-mouth advertising from a trusted source can be quite beneficial. If somebody you know has a reliable professional service that they can vouch for, then your search for the perfect cleaning service just became much easier. However, be sure that you take your living situation into account as well since certain cleaning services may be better for different sizes of homes or businesses. 

Moreover, another trusted and popular way to find a professional cleaning service is by researching online and navigating through various local websites. A reputable cleaning company will typically have a professional website, multiple highly-rated reviews, an about-us page, a contact section, and more.

Facebook and other social media outlets may prove to be useful as well, as this can be an excellent way of meeting new business partners. In fact, many cleaning companies have entire profiles on these platforms that allow them to network with potential clients and offer their services. 

The final method for finding a professional cleaning service is by searching through directories or databases that are available online; such as Yelp or Angie’s List. These resources help connect you with local businesses in your area that are ready to help you out with your home or business cleaning needs!

Tips for Maintaining a Good Working Relationship With Your Cleaners

A good working relationship with your cleaner is essential to a good clean. Here are some tips for maintaining one. Be friendly and courteous to your cleaners; if you need something changed or adjusted, speak up and give them a reasonable opportunity and timeframe to do it. Also, pay attention to when your next clean is due, and make sure you don’t run over it. On that note, it’s important not only that you pay your bills on time but also that you handle any requests promptly. Ensure that communication is transparent. This way, both you and your cleaners can feel respected while also handling productive requests in a reasonable manner. If there are any problems at all, address them immediately and as professionally as possible. 

When hiring maid services or commercial cleaners, consider hiring someone who shares your standards. Each home and business is unique, and some areas may require more attention or care than others. Be sure to communicate any special requests beforehand so that your cleaners are able to handle them accordingly.

Furthermore, don’t put off scheduling: One of the biggest points of emphasis with home cleaning services is how often scheduling needs to be done. Everyone appreciates being notified of an event well ahead of time. Try your best to communicate openly in a timely manner with your cleaners. This way, both parties can adjust their future plans accordingly and ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible. Lastly, try contacting any potential cleaning services as soon as possible so that they don't get booked out or become unable to take on new clients.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

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