How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Organized: Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

A kitchen is a busy place. There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. You have to cook, clean up after cooking, and do dishes! How can you keep your kitchen organized? We’ll talk about how to organize all of the things that get lost when you’re running around with a million other thoughts on your mind.

Keeping your kitchen clean and organized is important for several reasons. It keeps you healthier, reduces clutter in the home, makes cooking easier and enjoyable, and helps prevent foodborne illness or injury from things like knives or hot oil. 

The start of kitchen organization is to make sure that every item has a place where it belongs, and that those places are easy to reach when they’re needed. You may not always have the time to go digging around for things, so having easy access makes everything easier. Additionally, donating items that you have too many of, such as pots or pans, can free up space and make your kitchen less cluttered.

Here are some kitchen organization hacks:

  • Put Lazy Susans in cabinets to store spices, cooking oils, etc.
  • Add stacking shelves under the sink to maximize cleaning product storage
  • Install wire racks on the inside of cabinet doors 
  • Hang mugs from ceiling hooks underneath shelves
  • Use labels in the pantry or in the cabinets to maintain organization
  • Install hooks for utensils and towels
  • Make use of vertical space with shelves on the backsplash 
  • Get creative with over-the-door organizers in the pantry

Kitchen cleaning tips are important too! 

  • Keep an empty spray bottle filled with water and vinegar solution in your kitchen to clean tough grease
  • Use baking soda and lemon juice to clean some pots and pans
  • Use reusable cloths for drying dishes to save money
  • Have a designated area for grocery bags to reuse for many purposes
  • Have a hidden area for trash and recycling so that the kitchen doesn’t look cluttered

These kitchen cleaning tips and organization hacks will help you keep your kitchen clean and organized, no matter how busy life gets!

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