Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean and Organized This Semester

Now that the back-to-school season is here, many students are starting their first semester away from home and are living in a college dorm room. It can be overwhelming to move into a new space, especially if you are downsizing into a small or cramped dorm room. There are many tips and tricks that can help you to organize and clean your dorm room to maximize space and make dorm living enjoyable.

Here are a few dorm room organizing and cleaning hacks to help you get started.

1. Use shower caddies for storage

Shower caddies make great dorm organization bins and can be used in multiple ways. You can use them to store school supplies, art supplies, and much more. Shower caddies come in different sizes, so you can match them to the space you have available in your dorm room.

2. Use storage bins

Using dorm storage bins is a great way to organize your dorm room quickly. Dorm storage bins are available in many sizes from small to large and can be used for dorm organization in many ways. You can store clothes or shoes inside of them or use them as dorm organization bins for dorm supplies. Another perk of storage bins is that they are stackable, so you can maximize space in your room.

3) Use dorm hooks

Dorm hooks are a dorm room necessity because they are available in every dorm supply store and dorm room closet. They come in many sizes, so you can use them to hang up to ten pounds of dorm items such as your jackets or bags if there aren't dorm closet rods. Dorm hooks are easy dorm room organization tools because they provide dorm hanging space and dorm storage in one product.

4) Use a shoe organizer

Shoe organizers are available in many shapes and sizes, so they can be used in many ways, for example, clothing storage. You can find ones that are long enough to fit into your dorm room closet or dorm drawers. Using a shoe organizer is a great dorm room storage hack because it will keep your dorm closet organized and help you maximize the space.

5) Loft the bed

Lofting dorm beds is a dorm room organization hack used by many dorm students. If you don't have space in your dorm closet or dorm drawers, consider lofting the bottom bunk so that you can fit more items under the lofted bed.

6) Maximize wall space

Wall dorm organization is a hack many dorm students use because it saves space. Studying in your dorm room can be hard, especially if you are packed into a small dorm room with few dorm supplies. Attaching magnets to the back of your items or using command strips is a good way to hang up dorm supplies and stay clean and organized.

7) Coordinate with your dorm roommate to buy cleaning supplies

Coordinating with your roommate to buy cleaning supplies can prevent buying duplicate products and therefore help save space. Instead of trying to store multiple brooms or multiple dusters, having one of each will make storage much easier and save space for both of you.

8) Don't buy more than you need for your dorm room

If you are dorm shopping, remember that dorms can be small and compact. Instead of stocking up on supplies that you think you need, buy extra dorm items after you've moved in and can assess the space you have. Make sure to measure the dorm room as well before you buy items to make sure you have the space for furniture.

This list of tips and organizing hacks is a great start for students moving into dorms. Maximizing space and keeping a clean room is very important for students to keep a clear mind to study and be successful in school. Having a clean space is the first step to having a successful semester in college!

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