My Tips for Working from Home During a Time of Social Distancing

Here are my tips for working from home during a time of social distancing:

1. Give yourself transitions. After you've checked the news, start work with a low-effort task—then, try tackling that high-intensity project.

2. Create a proper workspace. Consider moving furniture and repurposing spaces.

3. Clear clutter. You may find that you have more space in which to work—and you might get a boost in focus, too.
4. Give yourself working hours. This is important for your productivity, and it's also helpful for anyone else who's home with you.

5. Keep a routine. Try to maintain some kind of regular routine of going to sleep, waking up, work, exercise, TV-watching, etc.

6. Suit up. Dress to signal to yourself that you're "working" by putting on some kind of appropriate outfit.

7. Prepare for video meetings. Take some time before remote meetings to eliminate visual and auditory distractions.

8. Be patient with yourself and with others. This is an unprecedented situation, and everyone is doing the best they can

Written By: Gretchen Rubin

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