How Technology Can Clean Your House For You

While some people enjoy the process of cleaning their own home, most people find it as a daunting task they can’t run away from. In fact, 1 in three American households is paying for cleaning services. Not only is outsourcing your house cleaning a great opportunity to manage your time efficiently, but it is also a budget-friendly way to stay productive on the things that matter most.

So what about the days when the cleaning services are not scheduled to come in? With so many appliances and rooms to keep clean, there are plenty of modern gadgets will do the work for you. Here’s how smart home technology is aiming to make your life easier by cleaning your house for you.

Robotic vacuum with Wi-Fi
The latest benefit of Wi-Fi is the ability to access tools even when you’re not at home. Take the iRobot for example. The three-stage cleaning system allows the robotic vacuum to clean a variety of floor types, navigate through the home independently, and respond to commands via Google Assistant or Alexa. What’s more, the robotic vacuum can run for hours with its strong suction and ability to be controlled from your smartphone app.

Microwave cleaning solution
While three out of five households report to using their microwave at least once a day, only one in five clean it regularly. But hidden behind the microwave door lurks some rather gruesome bacteria that is just waiting to contaminate your next meal. That is where this simple microwave clean comes in. Without the use of chemicals, all you need to do is mix the solution with water, lemon juice, and vinegar then set it on High for 7 minutes. The steam will break down the dried food, allowing you to wipe the dirt down by hand.

Magnetic window cleaning robot
One of the least favorite household tasks is cleaning the windows. Not only is it inconvenient but also dangerous, especially for elder adults. That is where the window-cleaning robot comes in handy. Instead of swinging on a tall ladder for the hard-to-reach corners, you can control the movements with this cleaning robot. The microfiber pads will effectively scrub the surface and remove all signs of stains, dust, and dirt that accumulates over the months and even years.

Self-cleaning toilet system
While we like to admit it or not, scrubbing your toilet by hand is a chore that is difficult to get away with. Unlike bleach tablets that drop into the tank and potentially ruin your septic system, a self-cleaning toilet system places the solution directly into the tube of the flush valve. As a result, there will be no signs of chemicals left on the flapper or valve.
In addition to these self-cleaning technologies, home security is also starting to focus on connected devices in the household. What’s more, the upcoming gadgets will likely be a launching pad for many of these items and it will e interesting to see just far smart homes will reach within the next decade.


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