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Almost everyone can appreciate the appeal of a clean house. When your living spaces are spic and span, it’s easier to enjoy them. Yet while of course it’s important to regularly clean your home, it’s also vital to take safety precautions when doing so. Some chemicals in everyday cleaning products can be very harmful if used improperly. This means if you don’t protect yourself, you could inadvertently hurt yourself or your loved ones. With that in mind, whether you’re cleaning the kitchen, bathroom or a living room rug, here are a few tips to consider:

1. Store products out of reach. Keep all cleaning products away from kids and pets by storing them up and out of reach. This goes for nonhazardous substances, too. Even a bucket of water can be a drowning threat to a small child.

2. Ventilate your space while cleaning. Open the windows, turn on a fan and do anything you can to get the air moving in your work area. Certain cleaners contain dangerous fumes that can cause problems when you inhale them.

3. Read labels. Many cleaning products come with manufacturer’s warnings. Always read them. Then, heed any directions, remembering that they’re put there for your protection.

4. Be alert to hazards. Believe it or not, about one-third of household chemicals pose some sort of danger. Arm yourself with knowledge about typical products, where they are used and how to protect yourself. 

To learn more about household chemicals that bring unexpected danger into your home, take a look at the accompanying guide. In it, you’ll find common products organized by room, alerting you to threats inside them.

Author bio: Mike Lange is Vice President of Sales for SolvChem, a large independent chemical distributor. He has 25 years of commercial and executive leadership experience in the distribution industry. Lange is responsible for strategic direction and commercial execution of SolvChem’s account management team.

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