Is Your House Cleaning Routine Making Your Family Sick?

by Raina Raflo, Atlanta House Cleaning Expert

I was excited to recently read in the AARP magazine – a mainstream magazine – an article advising consumers to stop using soaps and cleaners that contain the antibacterial agent triclosan. The article pointed out that antibacterial products are no more effective than regular soap in killing germs and preventing illness.  Furthermore, according  to research cited,  triclosan may contribute to the rise of dangerous, antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The article also said that adults who use conventional cleaning products once a week or more increased their risk of asthma by 30 to 50%! 

Obviously, there is growing appreciation for the value of green cleaning.  People are more aware of what goes into the cleaning products and food they buy, because of reports like this which alert them to the dangers of harmful chemicals and additives normally found in the things we clean with and eat. This week we did a cleaning for a stay-at-home mom in Brookhaven, who home schools three children under the age of 10.  One of the reasons that she chose us was that she hated the harsh smell of her previous cleaner, and really liked the green products and essential oils we use.

Sponge & Sparkle is a great choice for the person looking for a reliable,  responsive Atlanta house cleaning company that only uses green, environmentally safe products. Don’t take our word for it; here’s what customers have to say. I always love to come home after they’ve been here cleaning. They use natural products that smell good and get the job done. Link to full review.

I have been using this agency for 3 plus years and have been delighted not just with their good work and professionalism but how personable their employees are at all times. Please try them and use their detailed cleaning services at least once and you will be in for a treat. More importantly they use environmentally friendly products that is a huge plus for me. Link to full review.

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