Back to School Serenity of the Family Because the House is Clean

With the start of the school year, a clean home can contribute much to the happiness, health, and serenity of the family.

In the April/May issue of “Working Mother” magazine, a survey found that 68% of working moms felt guilty that their homes were not cleaner! 56% of working moms cleaned on the weekends, and 49% had partners who did no housework at all! This is not fair, but seems to be the reality for most hard working families today.

But why spend precious weekends cleaning? Why argue over household chores? And why feel guilty that you are not Wonder Woman? There is an easier way!

Many people are realizing that hiring a professional cleaning service like Sponge & Sparkle can definitely make life easier!

Research has also found that when we spend money on things that make life easier for us, or to essentially buy back more time for ourselves, we are actually happier.

We had a nice email this week from one of our happy clients,
“The house looked and smelled amazing when I came home last night just so frazzled and exhausted from a bad day at work. Opening the door, I instantly felt a little better. Thank you!”

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