Today we got a very nice email from a long-time client:

Today we got a very nice email from a long-time client:

"Hi Raina
I hope you are well. As usual I was pleased with your service last week.  My son just got engaged, so we had our future mother-in-law over for dinner on Saturday, so you guys were a lifesaver!  Thanks for all you and your wonderful staff do."

Hiring a professional cleaning service like Sponge & Sparkle is a smart plan when guests are expected, and with extra special guests like future relatives, it's probably a necessity!  

People DO judge other people all the time, and people judge other people on the cleanliness (or not) of their homes.  We all intuitively know this, so no one wants their home to be seen as dusty and dirty by others since that can extrapolate in people's minds to perceived character flaws - a messy home means you are lazy, disorganized, you don't appreciate or value your guest's enough to exert the effort to clean,  germs are rampant, etc.....which is why no one wants to invite anyone over for dinner until the house is clean!

The thought of thoroughly cleaning the house and entertaining too, can seem daunting and even exhausting, so that is the perfect time to get a little help from the professionals!

We can sparkle and shine everything, and make your home smell good too!   
When you want to have a party, or just strengthen new friendships by inviting others into your Brookhaven Ga. contact Sponge & Sparkle

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