How to have a happier summer with your mate

Did you know that 50% of couples argue about house work? It is a big source of conflict between people. Usually one (the woman) will end up doing most of the house work and then resenting her partner for not doing his part.  Even if both participate in cleaning, one or the other’s proficiency may not be up to the standard of the other person, also creating tensions in the relationship.

Or, the other scenario is that neither does the cleaning,  so that typically leads to a certain amount of stress since both know, even when they sit down to relax, that there is cleaning that needs to be done, and  they  can’t fully enjoy their environment because of that. Many couples know the value of outsourcing the cleaning because they know the positive impact that hiring outside help can have for their relationship. No more arguments over who does what and when. No more resentment toward the other person, and a clean sparkling home to enjoy together.

Here is what one happy Sponge & Sparkle client had to say: “Thank you for making our life so much easier; it is such a relief to come home after a hard day to a beautifully cleaned home and not have to nag my partner to do his part”.  Sponge & Sparkle a green Atlanta cleaning service ( makes relationships better! Book online today


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