5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Party

Planning a party or get-together? Regardless of the occasion, a home cleaning from Sponge & Sparkle is a great way to take some chores off of your plate and get ready to party!

There’s nothing worse than hosting or attending a party where the host can’t relax because they didn’t prepare their home beforehand, resulting in a less than ideal atmosphere and stress for everyone involved. To avoid this, be sure to plan in advance, doing everything you can to ensure your home looks inviting and ready for guests. Here are 5 tips from Sponge & Sparkle to prepare your home before inviting guests for a party.

1) Remove all traces of clutter!

The first step to preparing your home for a party is to declutter. Not only will this make your space look bigger and more inviting, but it will also give you a chance to dust and vacuum before your guests arrive. So take some time to go through each room of your house and get rid of any clutter. Put anything in storage that doesn't belong there or move it to another room. Don't forget the closets! Once everything has been organized, dusted, and vacuumed—it's time to set up for the party!

Also, don’t forget to secure any valuables. You don’t want your wallet sitting out. Same with any family heirlooms or your favorite lamp! Avoid any accidents by preparing beforehand.

2) Prepare bathrooms and guest rooms. 

No one wants to use a dirty bathroom, so make sure to clean all the toilets and sinks before your guests arrive. If you have extra guest towels, put them out. And if you're really wanting to impress, add some travel-sized toiletries like perfumes, makeup wipes, lotions, and so on! As for guest rooms, tidy up any clutter and make the beds. You want your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed while they're staying with you. It's not always easy to do everything at once, but this list will help get you started! When preparing for an event like a party, it is important to take into account all aspects of hosting - from what dishes to prepare food-wise, to ensuring that your home is in tip-top shape.

3) Set up lots of seating!

No one likes being cramped at a party. If you have the space, set up plenty of seating options throughout your home. This way, people can move around and mingle as they please. Bonus points if you have different types of seating, like chairs, couches, and floor cushions. This is especially important if you are serving food and snacks. The last thing you want is your guests having to stand and eat. To avoid this, set up a food area with bar stools, rental folding chairs, or anything that fits your space and aesthetic!

4) Turn on air conditioning and fans.

The last thing you want is for your guests to be uncomfortable because it's too hot in your home. So, make sure to turn on the air conditioning or fans before they arrive. You can also open up any windows to let in a cool breeze. Another tip is to have plenty of refreshments on hand, like water and lemonade. This will help keep everyone hydrated and cool. You should also make sure there are plenty of snacks available so no one gets too hungry. Lastly, don't forget to have fun! After all, that's what parties are all about!

5) Spice it up with candles, flowers, & themed decor!

Decor is key when it comes to setting the mood for a party. You want your guests to feel welcomed and comfortable as soon as they walk in the door. Grab some candles from Target or Amazon, pick up some flowers from Trader Joe's, or buy them on sale at Whole Foods. Candles, flowers, and themed decor are all great ways to do this. 

Themed decor can include unique kitchenware like plates, cups, and napkins. It can include banners, balloons, streamers, and so much more. It can even be a setup of a photo booth or craft station, depending on the occasion.

Lastly, don't forget to have fun! After all, that's what parties are all about!

6) Bonus - Contact Us!

You do the planning, we’ll do the cleaning! We will clean your home before a party, get-together, or any occasion because we want you to relax and enjoy the special day. 

Sponge & Sparkle values consistent, quality service and trustworthy business practices. You can have peace of mind that your home will be well taken care of with us. If you reside in Atlanta, Georgia, or nearby areas, contact us today at (404) 633-9652 to sparkle up your family’s living space. Our cleaners will leave it dazzling! You will also feel dazzled after knowing your home is as clean and decorated as can be.

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