5 Ways to Clear Kitchen Clutter

by Raina Raflo, Atlanta House Cleaning Expert

The kitchen is best known as the gathering place of the home.  With all of that gathering going on, clutter is sure to happen. You can clear kitchen clutter by following these helpful tips.

Schedule cleaning.

At least twice a year, take everything out of your cabinets and wipe the cabinets down. Use this as an opportunity to wash all of your pots and pans and throw away or donate items that you no longer need.  This will also help you find storage containers and misplaced lids, and will keep you from purchasing items that you already own. If you’d rather spend your time doing something fun, you can schedule quarterly detail cleanings from a professional cleaning service.

Dress up your dining table.

If your dining table is in your kitchen, dress it up. The prettier your dining table looks, the less likely it is to become cluttered up and junky. It doesn’t cost much to create an attractive table setting. Just pick up some place mats on sale, and find creative ways to make napkin holders for a start. Then mix and match plate designs to keep it interesting. You may want to take it to the next level by changing around the table settings twice a year.

Keep counters clear.

You do not have to keep every single kitchen appliance on top of the counter. Instead, you can put the ones you use often on the counter and keep others within reach.  Use one cabinet strictly for small appliances so that you build the habit of putting them away in the same place after each use. There are also storage containers you can mount under the kitchen cabinet.

Keep a basket as a catch-all.

Use an attractive basket as a catch-all. When the basket is full, go through it, putting items away and throwing away things you don’t need.

Keep trash cans easily accessible.

Don’t let garbage accumulate in your kitchen when you can just as easily throw it away. The same goes for your recycling.  Keep a recycling bin just outside your kitchen door so you can toss out those bottles and cans before they accumulate.

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